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That’s when her detailed documentation was pushed in front of sympathetic corporate eyes who gave her a ,000 credit, more than her original purchase price, and fast-tracked the swap-out of the fridge for the new one she deserved and already loves. For Sears appliance purchases made after June 28, 2015, it’s now just three strikes and the product’s out, theoretically.

Given what rough waters Sears has been sailing lately, shutting down stores and selling off prized assets, it’s no wonder that its extended warranty contracts for repairs are being worked (and maybe dragged out) to the very last letter of the law. Also unavoidable is a sense that the long-vaunted Sears repair brigade is now understaffed and overwhelmed. How will they cope if that newly struck deal to sell and service Sears’ Kenmore brand appliances through Amazon is really successful?

No wonder, as Horwitz discovered, the service guys who came to her door sometimes seemed weary, a couple times were downright snide, and were often outtathere as fast as their work boots could take them.

It took a total of eight scheduled house calls, with four “hands-on” repair attempts required under her contract’s lemon law clause, before the unit was finally hauled away on Thursday.How much takeout pizza and lukewarm beverages can one crew stand? At least Hope Horwitz had the good sense to precisely chronicle her stupefyingly drawn-out negotiations with various factions at Sears Holding Corp. ” days must be suffered, waiting for a repairman who then doesn’t show up or can’t complete the fridge fix?And even after four strikes, a Sears Home Services representative still wanted to send out one more repairman (for old times’ sake?) to verify that her freezer wasn’t freezing and her fridge not chillin’ the way that it should.

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