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Another mother took her opportunity away, but I didn’t care; I was glad I didn’t have to share her with a larger world.In 1957, we moved into a beige board-and-batten tract home surrounded by acres of orange groves in Santa Ana.This page provides a listing of movies with a polyamorous theme.Some of the movies present the concept in a positive light, others in a negative light, and others offer no judgment.And so it really was about grabbing bits and pieces here and there, adages and quotes, other people’s voices, and shaping my thoughts.”The result—as warm, funny, and self-deprecating as Keaton’s onscreen persona—traces a profound dramatic arc: that of a young woman coming into her own as an artist, and of a daughter becoming a mother.“As an actress, I’m drawn to emotion and expressing the human condition in all its forms, and I’m fortunate to have thoughts and feelings at my fingertips.The utopia Southern California held out to those of us who grew up in the fifties was irresistible.

And it's also worth noting that so they're in good company.) Also, it featured the final acting work of Gene Wilder before he quit in disgust at the turns the industry was taking and turned entirely to writing. In 2017, NBC ordered a ninth season revival with the original cast reprising their roles.Early in the mornings I would drive Dexter to swim practice, and I would sit in the car with my computer and coffee as the sun rose, and it was just like old trips with my family, taking me to different places I’d never been.”One morning I woke up to a group of strangers walking around our house examining every room.Mom hadn’t bothered to tell me, my brother, Randy, or my sisters, Robin and Dorrie, that she had entered the Mrs. Later she told us kids it was a pageant devoted to finding the ideal homemaker, possessing such skills as table-setting, floral arranging, and cooking, as well as managing the family budget and excelling in personal grooming.” says Academy Award–winning actress Diane Keaton, 65, on the phone from Los Angeles, where she lives with her daughter, Dexter, 15, and her son, Duke, 10. It wasn’t until after my mother died that I wanted to do it.” Drawing from her mother’s journals—85 of them, kept over the course of her life—as well as love letters (from the likes of Al Pacino, Warren Beatty, and Woody Allen, who remains a close friend), Keaton took a collage approach to writing the book, selections from which appear in _Vogue’_s November issue.“I’m a hoarder,” she says, laughing.“For me, documentation has always been key, and I’ve kept everything from my past.

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The move to Santa Ana was my prelude to adolescence.

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