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The latest stable version (v1.6.8) does not work anymore, a working beta version can be downloaded here: Beta v1.6.8.15 Please check out my blog posts for more information: Recent connectivity issues Beta v1.6.8.2 Dropbox retiring old versions Beta v1.6.8.4 ~ : changed : added - : removed # : fixed *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.6.3 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.4.11 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.4.10 Option to not wait for an Internet Connection on errors (not an option in the settings for now, must be configured in .dbfiles\config.ini) *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.4.3 ~Toggle Sync And Go behavior when using the hotkey or command line parameter if it is enabled by default in the settings ~Internet connection check now uses the update servers *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.2.13 #Error about not deletable Dropbox folder during setup *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.2.9 #Dropbox update prevention for 2.0.22 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.2.8 #Russian translation *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.1.19 #custom Dropbox icons *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.0.8 #German translation check to prevent Dropbox Portable AHK being inside the Dropbox folder 6 more Dropbox icons to choose from Russian readme Swedish translation #Dropbox update prevention for 2.0.10 #Dropbox update prevention for 2.0.16 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.1.11 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.1.9 French readme *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.1.8 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 2.1.6 #Dropbox update prevention for 2.1.7 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 1.6.18 #Dropbox update prevention for 2.0.0 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 1.6.16 More colors for multiple instances *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 1.6.15 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 1.6.14 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 1.6.13 *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for 1.6.11 *********************************************************** (): -Settings to enable Dropbox update, it is not supported -Option to use previously used Dropbox configuration file clearchache parameter to empty the Dropbox cache #Dropbox update prevention #Setup ui on different scaling modes *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention for Dropbox v1.4.7 #Some mistakes in language files *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention #Typo in Japanese language file *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention Greek translation (by Thanasis Tsapanoglou) *********************************************************** (): Option to select between different Dropbox icons ~Dropbox update prevention Option to force a language Option to choose between Run and Run Wait for user applications ~Italian translation (by Uomo Macchina) #Internet connection check for some users #code cleanup *********************************************************** (): Download missing Dropbox files Retry option for failed downloads *********************************************************** (): #Dropbox update prevention *********************************************************** (): Spanish translation (by kot7k) Japanese translation (by otterb) #size of setup gui #Dropbox update prevention *********************************************************** (): Simplified Chinese language (by Toad Loading (Liu Ding)) multiple urls for Internet connection check #setup could not be run again if the Dropbox version was unsupported #WMI error on very restricted machines *********************************************************** (): Portuguese language (by dinism) ~url for Internet connection check from to -additional note of new homepage after update *********************************************************** (): Polish language (by mail4skwarka) Russian language (by Alexander Ermolenko) ~wait for Internet connection if Dropbox Portable AHK was setup before instead of popping up the setup screen ~hide proxy password in the gui by default #improved Dropbox update prevention feature to shutdown or hibernate the Computer after Sync And Go *********************************************************** (): support for proxys defined in system connection with authentication French language file (by Erwan L.) ’-help’ and ‘/?

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