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This name is a mouthful, but you needn’t memorize it, since we are only concerned with its implementation.

Encapsulation refers to enclosing all the functionalities of an object within that object so that the object’s internal workings (its methods and properties) are hidden from the rest of the application.

To make practical use of OOP in Java Script, we will build an object-oriented quiz application that uses all the principles and techniques we learn in this article.

First up, our quiz application will have users (a Users Function) who take the quiz.

When building applications, you create many objects, and there exist many ways for creating these objects: you can use the ubiquitous object literal pattern, for example: function Employee () Employee.prototype.first Name = "Abhijit"; Employee.Name = "Patel"; Employee.prototype.start Date = new Date(); Employee.prototype.signed NDA = true; Employee.Name = function () ; var abhijit = new Employee () // console.log(Name()); // Abhijit Patel console.log(abhijit.signed NDA); // true keyword below to invoke it.

var richard = new Employee (“Richard”, “Developer”) // richard is a new object we create from the Employee () constructor function.

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