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Comedy’s sexiest supergroup took to the stage on Wednesday, welcomed like rock gods.And while Russell Brand and Noel Fielding may lack the usual odd-couple credentials – the world’s first chalk-and-chalk double act – they delivered an engaging debut.He also went on the “The big fat quiz of the year” in 2006 & 2007 with his mate Russell Brand.There team name was “The Goth Detectives”: Noel Fielding also went back on the show in 2010 this time without Russell Brand, as he was busy doing who knows what elsewhere.Name: Noel Fielding (he has no middle name)Birthday: 21st of May, 1973Born In: Westminster, London Gender: Male About him: Noel Fielding is an actor, artist and British comedian.He is best known for his role as “Vince Noir” in his hit TV show The Might Boosh.He was then seen with Pixie Geldof for some time, however he denied dating her.He is now dating Lliana Bird, a radio personality, dj and latest split was announced on the 8th July 2009.

In a radio interview I was listening to with him and Julian as guest stars, Julian stated at one point "...he doesn't have one they are all fake the only real one is myspace/themightyboosh he has twitter and his address is @iamnoelfielding or if you don't know twitter x Xx(By the way, Noel Fielding stopped using Twitter a few months ago, so don't expect any updates. I think Noel may be a social smoker, in other words he will only light up if he is around other smokers whereas, if he was alone, he wouldn't.Also he isn't a full-time smoker because he is only ocassionally seen with cigarettes. Noel has said that he was always strange as a child (shocking, right?I would like to know what made you think that apart from their surnames.? i managed to get lucky and met him on the tube 2-3 stop before camdem he... However he also very much enjoys shopping thrift shops as well. Often he was spotted in thrift shops (And Top Shop as well, actually) in NYC this past June (2010) while he, Julian, and Dave Brown were here recording the...Noel dated Dee Plume for a very long time, up until mid 2009.

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In 2008 he won an award for “sexiest man of the year” and I think we all know, that he deserved that award. Relationship status: Un Known, some say he’s single, other’s say he is dating Liliana bird.

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