Rodc dns not updating

The following attributes have been added to the Active Directory schema to expedite the functionality that is required for RODC caching operations:ms DS-Reveal-On Demand Group.This attribute points to the distinguished name (DN) of the Allowed List.

This creates a link from the broken DC to the good DC. In Sites & Services, check to make sure there are automatically generated connection objects from the broken machine to the good one (root) and make sure Replicate Now works on that object without error. Check the Directory Services, System and Application event logs for related errors.

One of the most frustrating experiences for an Active Directory administrator is to try to fix a non-replicating DC.

But when it replicates in one direction but not the other (i.e.

He authored Windows 2000: Active Directory Design and Deployment and co-authored Windows Server 2003 on HP Pro Liant Servers.

Frequently Asked Questions Updated: May 1, 2009Applies To: Windows Server 2008This section includes frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers pertaining to read-only domain controllers (RODCs).

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The purpose of the attribute is to help an administrator determine which computers and users are using the RODC for logon.

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