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That is a self-fulfilling prophecy.” • “Compliment a woman when you meet her. I’ve been on dates where the guy won’t stop saying ‘wow, you’re so pretty.’ After a while it becomes rather creepy.” • “Tip your waitress.” • “Don’t be mean to waiters, it’s super scary! Even Patrick Bateman knows not to berate a waiter.” This is a classic, do we still have to mention it? • “I don’t care what car you drive or where you got your jacket or how you pulled some strings with a ‘buddy down at the City Health Department’ to get us this reservation.

However, I will judge you based on your apartment’s location.” A corollary….

I had to have my roommate physically escort him from my house because he followed me in and wouldn’t leave.” “Don’t make a big deal out of paying (or not paying). • “I know it’s tempting to be ‘completely honest’ about who you are but save some fun facts about you for later dates.

• Give or take, 70% of respondents would like a dude to offer to pay on a date. First, second, third dates when you barely know someone are for dipping your feet into the pool.

It’s a combination of helpful tips, deep experiences and some frank examples of what dudes might think about not doing. • “Don’t use ‘lol,’ ever.” • “I have always had a problem with emoticons.

It’s a huge turn off.” • “Write in complete sentences/fully spelled out words maybe?

• “Well, there was the guy that claimed that the Holocaust was a conspiracy.” • “This guy who kicked me out of his house for saying Jim Morrison was cheesy.” • “I got walked out on on a date that seemed like it was going fairly well because I said I didn’t like french fries.” • “He said he’d had a spiritual awakening over the summer.” The people you are on dates with know about The Game. ” You might have noticed at some point in your travels throughout the world that women often aren’t comfortable with really inappropriate joking around, particularly when it’s not joking, also, because, who can tell, we’ve only just met?

• “Humor is wonderful, but it can also go wrong very quickly.

Don’t put much effort into trying to come across as funny even if you are a great comedian.

Also, ugh the whole line about a girl who wears nerdy glasses but also looks great in heels/knows how to be comfy but dresses killer/read the Times in bed on Sunday morning. I actually met four nice men and fell in love with one.” There is a consensus that good hygiene is important. No sweats.” • “Shower and don’t dress like an idiot.” Choosing the right picture of yourself might not mean what you think it means • “Do use pictures of yourself shamelessly holding pets or babies or reading books.

Ughhhhhhh where is the master profile you are all drawing these from?? ’ in your profile, I assume you are a guy who thrives on drama.” 89.7% of respondents agree: Three emails tops, then meet. (We made that figure up, but it’s pretty close.) • “The whole point of online dating is to set up IRL dates. 82,049 respondents would like to remind you to brush your teeth. There are whole Tumblrs devoted to this.” • “Don’t put a picture of you embracing another woman.” • “If your photo is just a bare torso, I am not going to respond to your message. Apparently, according to the vehemence and frequency of responses, a lot of guys are misguided about their height. • “Everyone should be more open about what they want and who they are.” Every single respondent agrees with this, which is well-put: • “If there’s something that you consider off-putting about yourself, no need to harp on it. No need to address it in length on your profile (or even at all); it comes off as bitter and insecure….

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• “Let’s put it this way, when he said he didn’t have many friends, I was not surprised.

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