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Her mother makes them for her so often that little Francis finally decides to expand her mealtime repetoire. Waddy and His Brother by Patricia Coombs (of Dorrie the Witch fame)(Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.-1964) Kind of a rare book. It was a smallish book - maybe 4x6 or 4x5 I bought it used from the library here and read it to my boys "millions" of times. That does definitely happen in one of her books, though.

Francis does no babysitting, and she has a little sister, not a brother. While these animals look sort of like bears they are actually raccoons. The feathers from the pillow get stuck all over little brother because of all the sticky jam. I have a granddaughter I would like to read it to now, if anyone can help me find it. Girl inherits house from Aunt in maybe Maine or upper US, but no money. And scones & clotted cream sounds a lot more like the UK than Maine.

Well this might by a stretch but it sounds almost like Wait for What Will Come by Barbara Michaels.

At first she is happy with the situation but after awhile, watching her family and friends continue to eat makes her less of a picky eater, and she gives up her bread and jam. This would not be the book Bread and Jam for Francis! The heroine inherits an old house on the Cornish coast.

I'm afraid I do not know the title the reader is searching for, but Bread and Jam for Francis is about a little girl badger that only wants to eat jam sandwiches. One of the toys gets caught under the bed, one falls in a toybox, I think. I was looking for my copy last night so I could check whether it's the one where she finds valuablefurniture and china stored away in the attic, but couldn't locate it.

The house and estate are very rundown, paintings and furnishings have been sold off, staff let go and so on.

In between dealing with the mystery and ancestral curse, Carla looksfor ways to keep the house.

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Carla inherits an old house in Cornwall from her Uncle.

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