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He attended Saints Simon and Jude Catholic School (closed 2010).

"Margo" (née Mc Ardle), worked at an investment firm and later at a magistrate's office.

In both Insular Celtic and Germanic cultures mead was the primary heroic drink in poetry.

Later, taxation and regulations governing the ingredients of alcoholic beverages led to commercial mead becoming a more obscure beverage until recently.

By measuring the specific gravity of the mead once before fermentation and throughout the fermentation process by means of a hydrometer or refractometer, mead makers can determine the proportion of alcohol by volume that will appear in the final product. By measuring specific gravity throughout fermentation, a mead maker can quickly troubleshoot a "stuck" batch, one where the fermentation process has been halted prematurely.

Meads will often ferment well at the same temperatures in which wine is fermented.

After the mead clears, it is bottled and distributed.

Mead can have a wide range of flavors depending on the source of the honey, additives (also known as "adjuncts" or "gruit") including fruit and spices, the yeast employed during fermentation and the aging procedure. Blended varieties of mead may be known by the style represented; for instance, a mead made with cinnamon and apples may be referred to as either a cinnamon cyser or an apple metheglin.

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Some monasteries kept up the old traditions of mead-making as a by-product of beekeeping, especially in areas where grapes could not be grown, a well-known example being at Lindisfarne, where mead continues to be made to this day, albeit not in the monastery itself.

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