Dating a confirmed bachlor

A man who is a travelholic is not inclined to settle down with a white picket fence, golden retriever, six kids and help you to hang the washing on the line.He is not cut out for such a mundane existence of so-called 'domestic bliss.' The old adage says, "A rolling stone gathers no moss." I'm afraid even if you looked like Kate Moss, he ain't going to commit.

And it goes without saying, he’ll be marrying someone significantly younger than himself to be able to have those adorable children. You've met the man of your dreams, handsome, hunky, funny, entertaining and he has a job. But, while you might think he might be your ideal partner, he's already found his ideal partner - himself. He must do as he checks out his looks whenever he goes past a mirror. He can't meet you as he has an appointment with some guy in Mongolia playing War Brides or some other game on the internet. Don't worry to close the door behind you when you leave. Worse still, he'll be late for your date as he has to pick up his laundry that mommy did for him.He finds himself entertaining as he laughs at his own jokes. He's his own best friend, how can there be any space left in his life for you? Check out his computer and if you find out that most of his friends and relationships are virtual ones, be afraid. Of course, if you're sleeping in his bed after a hectic night of passionate sex and his mother comes in to make his bed and clean his apartment, get his skateboard out his wardrobe and hightail it out of there!Otherwise, the chances of tying him down are not high.“If you get involved with a never-married middle-aged man, don’t expect him to change,” says Dr. “If you both value independence, it might be okay,” he said.

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