Dating 2 women adult dating ayer massachusetts

As long as you're not planning on sleeping with both which would be wrong and unfair to them, you're doing ok.

The only way to date two women and retain the moral high ground is to procure another penis--whether there's a man attached to it or not is entirely up to you. Unfortunately, you don't decide when you start being the bad guy--the women do.

After one date, things may look good but in a few weeks, they may not look as great as the first night out with them.

I've met plenty of seemingly great guys who turned out to not be so great, that is why you date, talk, and get to know them better. Some people are competitive and will step up their game if they know they might lose a great catch to someone else.

There is nothing wrong with that in the early stages of getting to know one another.If you met them both on this site, Id say until 5/3/2008 at pm which is when you posted this thread. In all seriousness though, I think youve made a wise choice not to become physically involved with either of them until you know for certain which one you would like to date exclusively.You sound like a genuine and sincere person,who really enjoys the company of both women.no3) Should I go out with each one a few more times before deciding? if you find one that does more than the other, then try to put off dating the other girl until later. If either of these women had demanded that you be exclusive, you would probably think she was out of bounds. It is acceptable to date as many women as you like until you find one with whom you want a lasting, intimate relationship.On the other hand, there are many women, myself included, who prefer men who date one woman at a time.

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