Civilian men dating military women

The first time I was invited to a military ball, my date didn’t warn me about much.

Servicemembers come forward, alone or in pairs, bearing different types of alcoholic drinks — and occasionally other things, like green tea or coconut milk.

Now the final toast is “to the guests,” since the military has embraced marriage (and dating) equality, and not all guests are female. ) Part of the purpose of the ball is to recall the unit’s history, and the military has found the most…

interesting way possible to do that: The punch bowl ceremony.

Next come toasts for specific groups within the hosting organization, and they have slogans that are part of the toast.

The second-to-last will be a toast to “our fallen comrades.” There is no response to this toast.

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The line moves quickly, and just shaking hands, smiling, and nodding is all you have to do.

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